[RECIPE] Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/ Veggie Fried Rice

For a Far East inspired lunch or dinner I took a trip to a Japanese market where I absolutely fell in love! All the fresh rare fish, exotic veggies, and poultry you could find. So I got creative and this is what I made.

Ingredients: serves 2-4

Lettuce wraps:
1 chicken breast
1 can of sliced water chestnuts
1bundle of raw green onions
1 head of romaine lettuce
Sauces: ginger teriyaki marinade, Thai peanut sauce

3 cups of white rice
1 cup peas
1 cup diced carrots
2 raw eggs
1tbsp Olive oil
1tbsp butter
Sauces: soy sauce, sweet chili pepper sauce.


Lettuce wrap directions:

1. Slice water chestnuts and green onions (chives) very fine. IMG_0009.JPG



2. Brown chicken with garlic salt and black pepper (optional) cooking the breast medium well. WARNING do not eat raw chicken, it’s not finished being cooked until step 4!


3. Remove chicken breast and chop into small pieces. Reminder. Do NOT eat (yet).

4. Place all ingredients and sauces in pan. Stir together for 5min on a low simmer. All done! (Now you can eat the chicken)

Veggie Fried Rice directions:

1. Boil rice alone in a pot with double the amount of water in cups. (3:6)

2. Brown chives with Olive oil on medium heat in a large frying pan/ skillet for 2 minutes then place your peas, carrots, (add bean sprouts or any other vegetable) and butter.

2. Add in cooked white rice to the vegetable stir fry.

3. Add soy sauce while constantly stirring

4. Add in both eggs, raw. Try not to drop too much yolk. Preferably egg whites.

5. Mix fried rice until egg is cooked (turns white).


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[Street News] Top 5 Weekly Recap

1. Is the NFL Begging?

The NFL is finding new and inventive ways of getting advertisers to invest. With the influx of DVRing, muting the tv once on commercials to talk about what they would have done (the fans), NFL Execs have gotten smarter with putting the product directly on the field in graphics between plays. So, you may just get a hankering for some Tositos, some Bud Light or to buy a Toyota.  Forget subliminal and product placement, they are going to make you buy their product one way or another.

2. Nikki Minaj breaks a record bigger than her ass!

I guess the “Tops be down in a booming system” always for Nikki Manij and her millions of followers and fans. It was just announced that the former “Black Lady Gaga” has topped Michael Jackson as the owner of the number of hits on the Billboard Charts. Miss Manij has amassed 51 hits…and she just stepped into the game just recently. I guess features do count. I guess also that this new generation will latch on to anything and buy or download…

3. Robin Thicke’s Paula album is as bad as his relationship

Poor Robin Thicke can’t catch a break. His latest album “Paula” didn’t even do “copper” on the charts and the “Blurred Lines” singer is now having to lower the price of his concert tickets, or cancel the show. Damn, dude you can’t cheat on your wife, write whack ass I’m sorry songs, and then expect the public to love you. Do like all good respecting cheaters do, lie.

4. For my third wish: Genie, I set you free.

Actors are dropping left and right. The shocking death of Robin Williams is still takes my breath away. You just knew he would be around forever becoming that character actor who would be the inappropriate grandfather, uncle etc in romantic comedies in the near future. You also knew that he was going to entertain us until Jesus Christ himself came back. But alas life proved too much for the comic legend and he killed himself. He will always be Popeye, Genie and Mrs. Doubtfire to me. He will live on in his movies and his works.

5. “#DontShoot”

As many of you know Michael Brown, an unarmed civilian, was killed “like an animal” earlier this week by a police officer that “felt” threatened. Death and killing is always sad, but what makes this even sadder is that he is one of many causalities of police brutality in the last month alone. Many African-Americans fall victim to senseless beating, killing and profiling at the hand of police officers in the many cities that make up these United States of America. Many accuse them of being racist, pointed and not caring. I believe that the anger that is being directed is warranted, and we should fight for justice, equality and The American Way. We, by law of our Constitution, have the right the “Bare Arms.” And the NRA has been put in place to protect that right, but many feel as though it’s a double standard when it comes to blacks vs. whites and that rule. Prayers are with the victims and those protesting said events. I believe that there should be something done to protect us as citizens, even blacks. But we also after this incident and the consequential reaction to said incident, should turn the mirror back on ourselves and see that thousands of African-Americans, many being under the age of 25, are being killed in our neighborhoods daily by, get this, ourselves. We can’t expect others to treat us differently, if we aren’t treating ourselves with respect.

Tune in every Monday with V.A. Patrick Slade for more pop-culture, gossip, and world news!


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[Street News] Top 5 Weekly Recap with V.A. Patrick Slade

Hey Everyone! V.A. here to dish out this weeks top 5 stories in pop-culture and world news! Let’s get started shall we!?

5. “Danity Who?”

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the second Danity Kane album and “Poetry” is still my jam, but does this group really warrant a break up, a get back together and a Destiny Child-esque “THREE” tour? My EnVogue didn’t even get that! Now on the heels of a fight in a studio, which mind you, I knew Aubrey O’Day was the real black girl of this group, apparently she “allegedly” punched Dawn in the face, the group is calling it quits. Everyone is blaming everyone for the demise, but honestly, did we think it would last this long? Well, there is “Lemonade” on their sour faces. We will always have those three singles and their line at Forever 21…oh, shit that’s not their line…that was their stylist! *Boom Cat*

4. “Just the Mere Mention”

Steven A. Smith and now Max Kellerman have been suspended by ESPN for commenting on the alleged abuse claims of NFL players to their wives/ex-wives/girlfriends. Though one of the players is back to work with only a few games being missed this season, and amidst a thunderous welcoming applause, the men whose jobs it is to talk about Sports, are suspended from their platform for well, talking about it. Though I believe ABC/ESPN is just covering their ass and trying not to get rid of any sponsors or viewers (which are mainly men anyway) these two gentleman have gotten “benched” because of their opinions on the subjects. The problem with this is the fact that no one is still talking about the heinous act of abuse of women in this whole situation. We are now talking about the fact that the remarks weren’t in sync with the PC version of what they thought they should be.

3. “On The Run”

Girls, gays and those who spent way too much money, tracked it to Pasedena this past weekend to see Queen B and Jay-Z do their thing. According to Facebook, IG, Snapchat, and any other social media platform, the concert was flawless, “amazing” and a “couldn’t miss”. Well, I missed it, and truth be told I’d rather pay rent, than make them a “billion dollars on an elevator” rich. Besides everyone was on “rocky marriage alert” and every symbol and song uttered, many fans thought they were getting insight to their marriage falling apart. This is simply not the case. As all good PR and Entertainment people know, “everything is done with purpose.”  It’s a show people. Shakespeare wasn’t the only one that gave one and he won’t be the last.

2. “My Childhood is Resurfacing”

From the “Ninja Turtles” dominating at the Box Office this weekend, to the “Unauthorized Story off Saved by The Bell” debuting it’s sizzle trailer, my 90’s childhood is front and center again. Now the “ME” generation will know how wacked out we must have been to enjoy turtles with ninja fighting powers mentored by a rat; they had gotten their powers from some magical ooze and lived in a sewer and loved Pizzas. Thanks Michael Bay!  Now Oxygen is setting up the behind the scenes tell all of Saved By The Bell. The adventures of students who were in high school for what seemed like a decade, let’s not mention the fact that the series started in Indiana and all of a sudden five students, and the principal were in California. That’s here nor there but we got to see Zach date every girl at Bayside High and get out of trouble with Mr. Bellding time and time again. I thought for the longest time that this was what high school was really about…. it wasn’t. Regardless, us 90’s brats can tell our children, nieces, nephews and younger friends that this used to be our Saturday morning staples. We can also tell them as our parents did, “This was real entertainment, not that stuff you look at today.” Watch the “Unauthorized Story of Saved By The Bell” here!

1.   “Global Conflicts”

Well that was a matter of time before the United States got involved in this “Middle East Conflict.” For those who don’t know the Gaza Strip is under attack in Israel between two factions that believe that land is theirs, sanctioned by the Quran and the Bible…go figure. Conflict is still raging in Ukraine as millions of people are begging for help and aide to help with their civil war that has been going on for months because Russia is trying to usurp their dominance over them and bring them back into the fold. They even turned off their gas to make them comply, that’s down and dirty, baby. It’s a complete mess for innocent civilians. And now comes the United States with air strikes on, you guessed it, IRAQ. We pulled out, like a horny teenager, but we’re back for more. There is no determinate time frame for the insurgence according to President Obama, but many speculate that it won’t end for a while. As for the troops, I guess they needed something to do. I say this sarcastically, because there is no need for there to be war if it’s not needed.

Rocket launched from Israeli aircraft on Gaza City.


And theres your #StreetNews weekly recap told by V.A. Patrick Slade, until next week everybody!


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[RECIPE] Spicy Shrimp and Sausage with Cheesy Grits

Sometimes you just want to add a little spice in your life that doesn’t come with a bad hangover or repercussions, well this wednesday, Bella from Love and Biscotti and I collaborated to give you a taste of the durty south  in a quick; simple and spicy dish known as Shrimp & Grits with a twist.

Ingredients: (Serves 3-4)

  1. 1lb of large unshelled Shrimp
  2. 1 Chicken Sausage
  3. Assorted sweet/ spicy Peppers
  4. 1/3 red onion
  5. Spices: Cajun Spice, Crushed red pepper, minced garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper (anything else flavorful or spicy you want to add).
  6. Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese.
  7. Dry Grits
  8. 1/2 Stick of Butter



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