[RECIPE] Comforting Red Wine Braised Short Ribs w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes

While the blizzard is blowing snow up you a-lley or you’re enjoying a stay at home dinner in the low 70’s this recipe is sure to be the perfect match for anywhere and anybody, unless your vegetarian, sorry not sorry. Here’s my spin on red wine braised short ribs, ENJOY!


Ingredients: 6 Servings.

  • 6-8 Short Ribs Bone in or out.
  • Green Onion
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Red Potatoes
  • Garlic Cloves
  • Herbs: Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary
  • 1/2 Onion
  • Red Wine (I used a Porto Wine)
  • A1
  • Seasoning Salt/ Table Salt
  • Pepper
  • Preheat oven to 350°. Season short ribs with salt and pepper, olive oil and a little bit of A1. IMG_1836
  • You’re going to brown all sides of the short ribs either in the over or on a sauté pan on low to not over cook the meat, this should take about 5-8 minutes to lock in the flavor before you throw them back in with the vegetables, this is a very important step so take your time.
  • Once all sides have browned, remove from the over or sauté pan. IMG_1840
  • Add chopped onions, carrots, and celery to pot and cook over medium-high heat, stirring often, until onions are browned, about 5 minutes. Add flour and tomato paste; cook, stirring constantly, until well combined and deep red, 2-3 minutes. Stir in wine, then add short ribs with any accumulated juices. Bring to a boil; lower heat to medium and simmer until wine is reduced by half, about 25 minutes. Add all herbs to pot along with garlic. Stir in stock. Bring to a boil, cover, and transfer to oven. Yes, put the pot in the oven. IMG_1842 IMG_1843
  • Cook until short ribs are tender about 2 hours. Transfer short ribs to a platter. Strain sauce from pot into a measuring cup. Spoon fat from surface of sauce and discard; season sauce to taste with salt and pepper.

Mashed potatoes Prep:

  • In a medium pot, boil water pepper and seasoning salt over medium high heat. IMG_1844
  • Cut your potatoes into 4th’s so that they boil and cook faster in the water. I leave all the skin on my red potatoes because I love the flavor it gives the final product, totally up to you.
  • Once they’ve boiled you can check them to see if they’re done by literally sticking a fork in them, if it goes in and comes out smooth then they are ready to be mashed! So now you will drain all water from the pot.
  • Using butter and milk (add at your own discretion), salt, pepper, and fresh minced garlic you can begin to smash your potatoes right in the same pot with a fork or a smasher (what are those called anyway) lol. IMG_1845
  • Tip: adding a little more milk and butter towards the end makes them more airy and creamy.
  • Now you can (or can’t) add cheese bacon or chopped chives whatever you like to make those tastebuds happy.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Now you can serve your short ribs and veggies over the mash or along side and don’t forget to spoon on a little more of the stock as gravy, enjoy!

[Street News] Lil Wayne drops a mixtape and picks up a Bae. Plus, Mariah Carey will headline Caesar’s Palace



ABC’s THE VIEW is allegedly losing another member of their cast. Weeks after the New Year started, reports have surfaced that new co-host and Puerto Rican spitfire and former Spike Lee muse, Rosie Perez will be leaving the show. This comes after only being on the show for 4 months. ABC is staunchly denying this, stating that the co-host is off doing her thang on Broadway and is slated to return in February. Well let’s see if that’s the case, as THE VIEW is beginning to feel like an episode of SURVIVOR. And to top this news off off, THE TALK on CBS has bested the almost two decade old talker and keeps gaining momentum. Good luck with Barbara Walter’s baby and its surviving cast members.


The hot ass mess that was SORORITY SISTERS on VH1 has been cancelled. Finding controversy with advertisers, fellow sorority sisters and the public outcry for general rachetness, the show will go off quietly into the night and WILL NOT be renewed for a second season. Two of the girls on the show have been suspended from their respective sororities and the others on the show are being considered for suspension. Who thought that this was a good idea? Apparently VH1 did. How dare they cancel SINGLE LADIES for this drivel? Whatever makes money right?

8. [Love and] HIP-HOP MESS…

Reality star and “producer” STEVIE J. could be going to jail for not paying child support. He was recently indicted for not paying a whopping 1 million dollars in back child support. This man makes good money on LOVE & HIP HOP: ATLANTA that airs on VH1 and from the looks of that house that he probably rents on the show, the personality should be able to pay off his debts.  I hope he can pay this bill, cause you can’t shoot reality in jail…well not unless it’s LOCKED-UP! on MSNBC…

In other Hip-Hop news and not of his own doing, R&B bad boy Chris Brown had a revocation of his probation due to a series of shots at his Fresno, California concert appearance. He’s not in trouble for the shots, but for not letting his Probation Officer know he was leaving LA COUNTY, which was against the rules of his probation. I swear trouble always finds the young star.


PHYLICIA RASHAD came out swinging recently in an interview when asked about the shenanigans and accusations against her on screen husband Dr. Bill Cobsy. She defended her co-star from THE COSBY SHOW and she went to town on the credibility of the women who have accused him. She stated that they were orchestrating a masterful plan to destroy a legacy. The statute of limitations have expired in every one of the cases, as a side note.  Well said Miss Rashad and finally someone who can attest and defend the man that everyone so easily casted to the wolves.


New Orleans based rapper KEVIN GATES made news a few weeks ago when he openly admitted that he had been sleeping with his cousin. And when he found out he said that he would not stop. Why you may ask? He said that they had no knowledge of their kinship. He also said that she’s amazing in bed and they had gotten the hard part out the way: THE GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER STAGE.  He said they would continue to see each other. I for one say find love wherever you can get it, but I won’t be going to a family reunion looking for a date.

In other news of the loving despite legal lines, a Kentucky couple were finally caught in FLORIDA this week after allegedly going on a crime spree that spanned multiple states. The couple drew comparisons with the infamous BONNIE & CLYDE, but this isn’t the crazy part of the story. DALTON HAYES, the CLYDE in this situation met TAMMY MARTIN, the BONNIE in situation, on the internet. She told him she was his age and he fell for her, even proposing to her. Come to find out the girl was only 13 years of age. These fast ass girls now a days. Now both face charges of armed robbery. His will face them in adult court and she will face hers in juvenile court. I guess love comes in all sorts of flavors.


Who knew a selfie could cause such strife and dissidence especially on a world level? Well Miss Israel found out oh-too-quickly when she posted a selfie of her, Miss Pakistan, Miss Lebanon, Miss Slovenia and Miss Japan on her Instagram page. Fellow countrymen commented on her page their outrage that she would take a photo with a neighboring country’s resident that they are at and have been at war with for years. MISS ISREAL responded in kind that Miss Lebanon had begged her to take the photo with her, and she refused, but was photo bombed at the last minute….THAT’S A GOOD ONE, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? Hope the pretty ladies can get on with it and take their fight to the stage and see who can wear a better gown and walk the best strut down the stage.


President Obama is proposing a FREE COLLEGE INITIATIVE to help aide middle class and lower middle class persons to get a free degree at a community or state college. This is being proposed in an effort to give those who are less fortunate a leg up in the world and give them an education that would allude many because of the lack of funds. President Obama is definitely working on his legacy and wants to go out helping those who can’t help themselves. But many on the other side of the argument are pissed because the money for said program will come from the taxes of those who are considered the top percentile in the tax bracket. Guess paying it forward has a new definition.


SUPERHEAD herself KARRINE STEFFINS is sounding off and warning Christina Milian about her dealings with rap star LIL’ WAYNE. She goes on to tell the newly minted reality show star that she should not hope for anything deep with the rapper seeing as though he’s a “MAN OF THE WORLD”. Miss Christina responded in kind letting it be known that she would not be giving relevance to irrelevant people. The war of words continued on social media. I don’t know whose side to take in the whole thing, but what I do know is that LIL’ WAYNE has two women duking it out over him like all machismo laden guys dare to dream about.


First it was Celine, then Elton John, then Berry Manalo, and then Shania Twain, and now come MARIAH CAREY. She will take over at CAESAR’S PALACE in VEGAS beginning this May for a residency that will gain her more money than she already has. She will only be singing her #1s and she promises that she will give her very best…or at least I’m hoping that she will. This will give the singer plenty of days of rest and she promises a visual and auditory feast that her fans deserve. I see THE LAMBS now clogging up the road to see their QUEEN do her thang. Congrats Mariah and here’s to a successful residency.


Angela Bassett and Lifetime did well for themselves as their WHITNEY HOUSTON biopic entitled WHITNEY got a total 4.5 million viewers to the cabler. This is a relative success for the channel that brought us THE FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC FILMS, THE LIZ AND DICK FIASCO, AND THAT GOD AWFUL AALYIAH BIO who casted a skinny MISSY ELLIOTT.  The film fared well with a minimal mention of cocaine use and tried their best to make the Whitney and Bobby Brown relationship a love for all ages with no mentions of their tumultuous years or the CRACK IS WHACK era. The movie was well received and was the most tweeted about event of last Saturday. Her co-star Arlen Escarpeta did an okay job as Bobby Brown. The films was actually pretty good with the exception of star YA-YA DeCosta’s horrible lip-synch. She should have gotten pointers from a drag queen.

That’s it for this week…See ya soon…

V.A. Patrick Slade

IG: @theeyesofva

TWITTER: @VAPatrickSlade



[Street News] Chris Rock’s ‘Just tired of being married’ and Nicki strips down to her emotions

It’s 2015 and it’s time to get into the hottest news from the world of entertainment, sports and the politico. Let’s get right into it…



Nikki Manij isn’t just stripping away her crazy hair and makeup to show a more docile and vulnerable side to herself now-a-days, she’s opening up about her past and how it shaped her into the woman that she is today as well. The ANACONDA rapper tells ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE that she had an abortion while in high school. She goes onto to tell the publication that this was a difficult decision for her to make, and that she almost died. I guess the sum of ALL of experiences are what makes us what we are. Thanks Nikki for opening up to us and letting us get to know you a little bit better. But there is still one question on my mind: WHERE EVER DID YOU GET YOUR BOOBS AND BUTT DONE?



“I was just tired of being married”. Well, the multi-millionaire comedian and actor Chris Rock made headlines right after Christmas when he announced that he was divorcing his wife of 18 years and mother of his two daughters. Rumors have been circulating that the comedian has been having an affair with his TOP 5 co-star Rosario Dawson, but both actors have come out to deny those rumors, all the while, it does smell like a cover-up to me. There were no signs of any trouble, especially since the comedian made the rounds promoting his latest theatrical release.  Sources close to the couple, who the hell are these sources anyway, but I digress, say that Rock doesn’t want to pay his wife alimony because she makes plenty of money working for the non-profit that she’s employed by. Here’s looking at a rocky start to a new year that will consist of divorce settlements, custody agreements and living down the blandness of TOP 5…


Many Indonesian families mourned just days before Christmas when an AIRASIA flight leaving Indonesia crashed into the Ocean with nary a distress signal leaving the families on the edge of the seat awaiting news. Many suspected foul play and many were hoping that the plane would be found unlike its counterpart Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that crashed last year and has yet to be found.  Sonar has been instrumental in finding the plane that is said to have been found near the coastline of the country. Many families are holding vigil and unlike the other flight, information was rapidly available to the victim’s families and the population as a whole. Our thoughts are with them all.


THE REAL co-host and actress Tamara Mowry-Housely announced that she is going to be a mother again. The former SISTER-SISTER actress already shares an adorable boy, AIDEN, with her husband, who is now two years old. The actress is expected to deliver the new bundle of joy sometime later this year. Here’s to the actress and her husband and congratulations on get down and dirty with a two-year old in the house. THAT CAN NOT BE EASY!!!


Sad news from the sports arena, as ESPN mainstay and face of the urban voice of athletes worldwide, STUART SCOTT has loss his battle with cancer. The anchor was battling a host of ailments that manifested themselves into cancer earlier last year. The impassioned television personality fought the good fight and seemed as though he was making a recovery from the disease that saw him gaunt and frail in appearance in his last appearance at the ESPYS last year where made a robust speech that left many in tears and ended in a standing ovation. ESPN won’t be the same without you Mr. Scott. Your legacy and how you’ve touched players and fans will not soon be forgotten. He leaves behind two daughters. Our prayers are with them.

This is it for this week. This is a new year. Where there is news and T to be spilled I’ll be there giving you my reaction to it all.

V.A. Patrick Slade

[Street News] Top 15 News drops you need to read before the 2015 ball drops!

2014 is coming to a close, and before all the resolutions start rolling in here are this weeks top 15 stories to bring in 2015! See you in the new year.. Let’s get this started!



Hurling insults like “UNCLE TOM” and “BLACK COPY-CAT”, NYC based rapper Azealia Banks is once again is TRYING to become relevant. This time she came equipped with tears and a plea to the audience to see how unqualified hot rapper of the moment IGGY AZALEA is of not deserving of her fame and fortune. From what I understand both ladies have worked really hard to get where they are. Azealia Banks is apparently salty about her less than stellar reception and she in turn is taking to TWITTER, FACEBOOK, RADIO and anyone else that will listen to her to voice why she isn’t where she wants to be. She’s a good rapper, but sometimes you need to join the crowd and realize that with a little help from a rap superstar like T.I., may I suggest PUFFY, as he is being called now, to bring you to the pentacle you dare to want. Girl, please have some seats until you figure out where your anger is supposed to be placed, because right now you’re sounding bitter and jaded. And please stay off of TWITTTER. You keeping getting sent for and you never come appropriately.


Jennifer Lopez played the popular singer Selena in her breakout role. The singer’s story was full of drama, success and a tragic end by her fan club president who killed her in cold blood. Now a short time later, YOLANDA SALDIVAR will be getting paroled as early as January 2015 due to her a decline in health, though she was supposed to be released in 2025. The murderess of the Tejano superstar’s release is being wildly criticized and bulked at by fans of Selena, and though her health is declining, SALDIVAR’S haters want her to rot in prison for killing the up-incoming star who was making a name for herself in America and the American charts.


Rhianna is adding designer or at least CREATIVE CONSULTANT to her title. The sexy pop star is the new creative director for the PUMA brand. Her duties will be as brand ambassador as well as having a hands on approach to improving the women’s cross training line, as well as their women’s athletic collection. She will also be able to design and customize old and new brands that will be added to the PUMA collection. I bet that she will be damn near naked with thong, pasties and a pair of PUMA’s on her feet in an ad campaign, mark my words. I think they are good fit seeing as though athletes Usain Bolt, Jadeveon Clowney and Tianna Taylor added their own swag, Rhianna will defiantly add her own twist to the brand of slick and awesome athletic wear.


K. Michelle was brought to tears in a new radio interview when talking about the source material for her newest album LOVE’M ALL. She revealed on Wendy William’s show a little before the newest interview, that her source for her CD was that of her relationship with actor and sexiest man alive, in my opinion, IDRIS ELBA. YES, Miss K. Michelle talked about falling for the actor/dj/swag master and later learning that he got his current boo pregnant while they were together. Maybe she should have held onto this information and leave the guessing to whom the album was about like CARLY SIMON’S “YOU’RE SO VAIN, but home girl put it all out there and spilled “T” like someone on their death bed. Well, now that it’s out, the album is winning rave reviews and Miss K. Michelle is making her rounds. What else will she reveal? Only time and the amount of money she is given will tell! Watch the interview with one of our favorite bloggers Necole Bitchie above.



BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z are being sued by a European woman who claims they borrowed heavily from her song for their hit DRUNK IN LOVE. The pair are being sued for an undisclosed sum of money. Part of me wants to think that this woman is just making this up. But another part of me thinks back to the early 2000s and TRUTH HURTS with her single “ADDICTIVE”, where she thought she could just take some poor Indian woman’s recording with no recourse. I say if you did steal this song from some poor musician in Hungary, please compensate her with at least 150,000 dollars or whatever her rifts are worth and let her be happy in her village. Cause at the end of the day you made millions from it MR. And MRS. CARTER.


The people at SONY are on the defense after major leaks that spilled valuable info about future projects, confidential candid convos and other defaming info, and they have hired the real-life Olivia Pope to help them clean up this mess, JUDY SMITH. Chastised by the President, SONY decided this week not to show THE INTERVIEW which is at the center of the hack, and the bane of KIM JUN UN’s existence, as the movie is a satirical look at a pair of weed heads who the CIA has hired to assassinate the sitting leader of NORTH KOREA.  The chiefs at the movie studio have folded and given into the demands not to show the critically panned movie, in exchange for not having 9-11 style attacks on movie houses who chose to show the movie. I believe that this is a vagrant spit in the face of everything our country stands for. We fought, bled and died for the right to say any dumb ass thing we want in this country, where anything can be said unless it infringes upon the rights of others. And by shutting down this movie we are giving into bullies who want to take away those rights. Killing is never funny, but when you mix in some good pot, it could be, proven with the pair’s other films. So to this I say, SONY congrats on making 15+ Million on YouTube sales alone, we knew you could do it!!


A young MALE make-up artist in the U.K. has spent nearly 150,000 dollars to make himself into his favorite celebrity: KIM KARDASHIAN. I have gone weeks without speaking of her and her family, but this has made me once again bring light to their plastic world. The young man, JORDAN JAMES PARKE, took to plastic surgery and filler and such to make his nose, lips and eyebrows like that of the former sex tape queen and current wife of Kayne West and mother of North West.  He could have used that money on, I don’t know, psychological care to help him realize that he’s perfect the way he was, and the way to happiness is not to look like a woman who only brings a fat ass, a cute face and a squilly voice to the world…yeah and selfies.


NYC rapper and break out EPIC label star Bobby Smurda, which rhymes with MURDER, was arrested at his NYC studio this week. In an FBI raid that included almost twenty other assailants with aliases and a rap sheet that read like a J. EGAR HOOVER report, the rapper was arrested for suspicion of murder and drug trafficking to say the least. The rapper will have to pay a 2 million dollar bail that will be paid for by his label EPIC records. They couldn’t save MACY GRAY but they will save this one…



VH1 is keeping with it’s brand of rachette TV, following in the footsteps of all of the LOVE & HIP-HOP and BASKETBALL WIVES, and launching a new reality show that has it’s basis in black sororities. From what can be seen from very quick previews, the program will showcase women from the various black organizations as they are forced to get along. Well they don’t. What would a VH1 show be without a good fight and demonization of smart women of color? Just the highlights: a sister in blue lipstick, take charge kind of woman and white girl in a black sorority. Chil’, this is a mess and should NEVER EVER be watched because it doesn’t give proper homage to organizations that are highly respected and have given back to the community for over a hundred years. And apparently many organizations believe this to be true as well as their sponsorship has been pulled…get it together VH1. We only will allow one HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE, ALA UPN IN THE EARLY 90S…



Thousands of dummy accounts were found and deleted from social network giant Instagram this week and many celebrities and regular folks alike lost a lot of followers. This cleanup was in an effort to block spam. Many celebrities will never climb to the millions mark because many of the users that followed them were fake profiles who were just there propitiating real people and falsifying profiles on the site. I say keep it real, if they look to get to be true, ie, beautiful body, face and nothing but a few pictures DELETE THEM. And if they always say go follow this person or that person always, DELETE THEM. Last but not least, if they offer “FREE MONEY” scams…DELETE THEM. You get the point. So happy socialization, just make sure it’s not with a fake person…BLOOP!!!


Medical panels left and right are claiming that Dr. OZ from the television show of the same name doesn’t know what he is talking about. They claim that half the factoids he throws out are just bull and they are not backed up substantially at all.  The current NYC based surgeon and Oprah’s go to doctor has had his show for some years. And for those before OBAMA CARE, was the only doctor that many Americans saw and consulate with. Dr. OZ may not be the last source on everything from weight loss, blood pressure remedies and cancer cures but, I still love his show, but let’s check our facts Dr. OZ. Let’s not have America believing that sneezing brings about Ebola…oh my god, does it? are you truly right?

4. 106 & PARK NO MORE…

BET’s long standing hip hop countdown and litmus test for hip-hop and R&B bid a farewell this week with original host FREE & A.J in attendance. Though the show has lost its key demographics and pull in the younger urban generation, the show still brought in an audience who craved the young urban voice.  It will live on in the pantheon and lexicon of the American zingiest, and will always and forever be the place where Michelle fell down during a Destiny’s Child performance.


PRESIDENT OBAMA has lifted the embargo on Cuba. This means Cuban items are no longer illegal. We can smoke Cuban cigars legally. Cuban food will be widely avail and the Cuban people’s rum drink of choice CUBA LEBRA will have some meaning. This has been 50 years in the making. Cuba’s Castro younger brother and President Obama came to a consensus and though details are being hammered out, many business and American people are looking forward to the day when business deals can be made in the Caribbean nation.


Ismaaiyl Brinsley of MA shot and killed two Brooklyn cops this week with the intent purpose of getting revenge for the killings of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Through an Instagram post with various hashtags calling out the revenge plot, Brinsley stated that “They got two of ours, I’ll get two of theirs.” He shot them ambush style and then took his life and his girlfriend’s life. Sad story and this should never be the answer to get justice.  Though many would think that he was the voice of the disgruntled, many feel like I feel, that an eye for an eye never is the right thing to do to make a wrong right. This is a heinous act that should not be applauded, but should be condemned because these two cops had NOTHING to do with what happened. Now families are without members because of incepted actions…


As we celebrate this holiday season, let’s realize that love is what brings us all together whether we celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza or just plain ol’ COMMERCIALISM, we should all be around people that we love and can’t live without. This is the time of year where we should look for the good in humanity. And for the most part this good does rear its head. Let’s not concentrate on the world’s bad spots, but those good things like feeding and clothing the homeless; gifting that kid with something that he or she never thought they would get; and miracles of family members and friends getting together that we haven’t seen all year or for a while. This is the time of year we forget about the strife of the world and take into account that this world is ours and we should love everyone, everything and believe that there is a better tomorrow, we just have to work and hope for it.


We love you!



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