[RECIPE] Chicken + Shrimp Alfredo Primavera Lasagna w/ Kale Caesar Salad

Secret’s out, Italian food is my favorite! With me its just hard to find all the different dishes that I can make at home without wanting to press and dry your own noodles (one day) *sigh*. So for this recipe I wanted to put a twist and spin on the classic cheesy dish: LASAGNA! For this dish I incorporated two different meats with chicken and shrimp and added broccolini and carrots with mushrooms to compliment the cream sauce, anyways, LETS GET TO IT!

What you’ll need:

  • large pot
  • deep dish baking pan
  • medium pot



  • sliced carrots
  • broccolini
  • 1lb of chicken breast filets
  • 1lb of shrimp peeled
  • mushroom Alfredo sauce
  • 5oz white cheddar cheese
  • 5oz mozzarella cheese
  • 5oz ricotta cheese
  • 3oz parmesan
  • lasagna noodles
  • kale and caesar salad ready in a bag (hehe)
  • spices: crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, italian spices


  1. Begin to boil your lasagna noodles in boiling water in the large pot until cooked. best at boiling water and reduced to medium high heat.
  2. IMG_1959
  3. While your noodles are cooking prepare your chicken and your shrimp to be seasoned and in the medium pot with all of your spices. Cooking meats with the seasonings is where all the flavor lies, secrets! lol.
  4. IMG_1960IMG_1961After both of the chicken and the shrimp are cooked you want to bring them back to the chopping block and mince the pieces even smaller to add to the lasagna. Once the meat is cut its time to chop the veggies!
  5. Begin by cutting your broccolini and if you didn’t already buy the carrots cut up you can do that now too!
  6. IMG_1956
  7. In the medium pot, bring 1 jar of Alfredo sauce and all of your veggies and meats into the pot and let the flavors mix together on medium-low heat.
  8. IMG_1965
  9. Now prep the cheese by cutting the blocks into slices.
  10. IMG_1968 IMG_1969Now that the noodles are done, rinse them out with a strainer and cold water, this ceases them from sticking to each other! Now you’ll begin to build your lasagna. Get your Alfredo sauce ready! AND NOW pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees!
  11. Lay down on layer of noodles and repeat this process: a. noodles b. sauce/ meat/ veggie mix c. cheese. Continue until the top layer is noodles and cover that with cheese and sauce to not dry out the noodles in the baking process.
  12. IMG_1970 IMG_1972
  13. Now it’t time to bake for 30 minutes. I know. It’s long but its SOOOOO worth it! In the meantime make your salad and enjoy!
  14. IMG_1982

[RECIPE] Get ‘Summer Ready’ with Baked Salmon + Spinach + Plantains

Summer is right around the corner and if you wait any longer it will be thanksgiving again. Ay yi yi. Anyways, with meal preps that promote eating clean and are rich in protein and high in fiber you’ll be ready in no time. Let’s not forget a workout or two too, lol.

Lets get started!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 large, medium and small sauté pan.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)


  • 2 Salmon filets  ( I bought mine from Ralph’s for $5 each)
  • Fresh spinach
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 red and 1 orange bell pepper
  • 2 limes
  • 1 blood orange
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Spices: salt, pepper, crushed chili flakes, Dash’s All spice seasoning


As shown in the picture above, season your salmon before placing it in the pan. For your filets you can play around with whatever spices you like. I like my fish profile to be more on the citrus side with notes of garlic and spice. It’d definitely a party when you incorporate the three so using crushed red chili flakes, salt, pepper, all spice compliment the salmon.

Start by cutting your bell peppers into strips. Cutting your limes in halves the hamburger way (lmao) and for your orange, cut that in half too. With one orange half were going to use this to squeeze the other half you will use for making rounds. I made 4 which is perfect and all you need.


For the salmon, I used a wok pan but a deep sauté pan works too. This is where you’ll use the orange half to squeeze the juice along with both lime halves. Drenching the salmon about half way deep in fresh lime and orange juice is the best. Like below. Don’t have enough, its ok, add some water, were just steaming the meat and theres more citrus to come.


While your fish is cooking at medium heat (you don’t want to dry out the filets) you can prep your spinach and plantains. In a medium pan place chopped garlic and water to boil. Make sure the water is hot when you drop the spinach so that it keeps its bright green color and texture. Then drop a chunky stack. Don’t be scared, spinach shrinks to about half it’s size.

IMG_1940 IMG_1941While Spinach is cooking drop the temp to medium heat. Time to finalize our salmon and add in your pepper, cilantro and orange rounds. You may need to add a little bit of water because we will be steaming and covering the pan for a full steam process to lock in flavor and cook your peppers. (super quick).


Now it’s time to cut your plantains. Cutting down the side of the peel can help you out at times the skin is tricky so doing this trick keeps your plantain whole and smooth. Now cut your plantain into diagonal slices and set them to brown in light olive oil and sprinkle on some kosher salt, yum.


Don’t forget about your spinach! (turn it off).

IMG_1943After flipping your plantains a few times to get golden brown, take them out and let them dry on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Plate your food its time to eat!

IMG_1950 IMG_1948 IMG_1947 IMG_1946

[Street News] Lil Wayne is Bruce Wayne? + TIDAL breaks the internet, sorry Kim.


Ex NBA star Gilbert Arenas has taken to INSTAGRAM to clear up the messy situation he’s found himself in.  A little background: GILBERT was engaged to BASKETBALL WIVES: L.A. star LAURA GOVAN. When they broke up, she claimed that she and her kids were homeless and that Gilbert didn’t take care of her.  Well Mr. Arenas took to social media to let us know, by the way, did we really need to know, anyway, he stated that he is indeed giving her a sizable amount of money a month for spousal and child support. But it was she that decided to move from her sprawling home in Washington State and move her children to LA to a cramped apartment. He goes on to say that the ONE MILLION DOLLAR ring that she wears is a fake. He explained that when something is that expensive you don’t use the real one from fear it might get lost or stolen. So now he has possession of the million dollar ring, and probably will put it back in his pocket to continue to fund her expensive lifestyle, which she recently took the NBA star to court to procure from him. This is a mess and it doesn’t sound like it is going anywhere any time soon. Hope all works out for the kids involved at least.



OLE MISS and DUKE UNIVERSITY both were rocked last week by acts of racism that occurred on their campus. OLE MISS STUDENT GRAEME PHILLIP HARRIS has been indicted on one count of conspiracy to violate civil rights and one count of using a threat of force to intimidate after he put a noose around a statue of the first black student to enroll in the University. Another noose was found on a tree on the DUKE UNIVERSITY campus. The same motive and implications are believed to be at play in this scenario as it was used as an intimidation tactic. A suspect has been found, but no names have been released. This is a shame that in 2015 we are still dealing with such bullshit because of someone’s hatred for race. If you’re going to hate someone, hell hate them because of who they are, not what they are. We’ve moved past this, or at least I thought we had…


In what is being believed as a Bill that could ultimately be used as a tool to refuse service to those of the LGTBQ communities, other religion affiliation and races, THE INDIANA “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ACT” which will take effect on JULY 1st is being pan by many as a discrimination based law. The Indiana law, prohibits state laws that “substantially burden” a person’s ability to follow his or her religious beliefs unless the government can show that it has a compelling interest and that the action is the least restrictive means of achieving it. The definition of “person” includes religious institutions, businesses and associations.” Essentially, people who have the business, institution or association can turn away anyone who is not in line with their beliefs. Again this is 2015. We should accept people for who they are, in my opinion and regardless even if you don’t believe in their lifestyle, religion or anything else that is not like you. We should be proud to have such a diverse and open country where everyone doesn’t need to be the SAME!!!


ANDREW GETTY, the 47 year old heir to the GETTY OIL FORTUNE was found dead in his home this week from a medical condition the heir apparent disclosed in court recently during a court hearing. His family is very well known in the city of LOS ANGELES and have contributed millions to the city and art as seen with their institutions such as the GETTY MUSEUM and THE GETTY VILLA to name the few. Our prayers are with the family.


Before Playstation, Nintendo, and even Light Brights, children had what was considered the craze of the 70s, THE PET ROCK. The inventor of the PET ROCK, GARY DAHL, has died at the age of 78. Essentially people bought a rock of varying colors to take care of like a pet. Go figure, it doesn’t make sense to me, but it made him a multi-millionaire and he leaves behind a legacy that was described as the “most ridiculous successful marketing schemes ever.” Our prayers are with the family as he is laid to rest and his legacy continues to live on for years to come.



EMPIRE star TARIJI P. HENSON apologized quickly last week to the GLENDALE POLICE DEPARTMENT after the actress accused them of using excess force and racism during a routine stop that her son MARCEL experienced weeks before. The video surfaced and it showed the cops actually being very cordial to her son who smelled of weed and was cooperating with the police. She moved her son to HOWARD UNIVERSITY after this incident coupled with a run-in with cops on the USC campus where he originally went to school.  MS. HENSON wasted no time and apologized for her quick judgement showing what a first class person she is and that she can admit when she’s wrong.  She’s a star, if nothing else, who is genuine through and through. Anyone else would have used their clout to suppress the video to maintain their ego. But she chose to do the right thing. I admire that and I applaud her. She’s amazing.


First at the SUPER BOWL in 2013 during BEYONCE’s AMAZING performance where she trotted out the members of DESTINY’S CHILD to back her up, which they did an all right job with. Last week MICHELLE called upon her sisters to help back her up at STELLAR GOSPEL AWARDS in LAS VEGAS to her hit GOSPEL TUNE “SAY YES”. From what has been leaked from the not yet seen special, the girls tore it up and left many on their feet and applauding. Congrats Michelle they do really like you!


Actor LAURENCE FISHBURN’s mother is being kicked out of her apartment and she’s coming down on her son for not sending her the money to pay for her rent. First of all, why wouldn’t her son who has millions not send his mother any money to keep her from being put out on the street? But then another part of me, who is a mama’s boy and would give my mother the shirt off my back if I had to, has to ask why wouldn’t a son help his mom? One theory is that she is allegedly misusing her money, ie. Drugs, alcohol, gambling. And the second theory is that they don’t get along. Regardless, we should not be hearing about this at all. She ran to the press so fast, there was no time for her son to help her. And besides isn’t there a three month delay in paying your last month’s rent and being evicted or is that just CALIFORNIA? There’s more to this story, which I care not to even continue to follow. Good luck FISHBURNS and hopefully this all works out for the best!!! NO one should be homeless.


One part her mother LISA BONET, the beautiful actress who portrayed the second to eldest daughter DENISE HUXTABLE on THE COSBY SHOW and one part her father LENNY KRAVITZ, the uber sexy and suave musician and actor, ZOE KRAVITZ is HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY, even having a grandmother who was on THE JEFFERSONS. She had everything since birth including fame. But according to a new cover article for COMPLEX MAGAZINE the actress/model/heiress admits to battling ANOREXIA and BULIMIA. She said she felt the pressure from images that were around her. She said she overcame them with her family’s love. Mind you she looks amazing now and ironically she’s considered to be in the perfect shape. Well, some of us aren’t so lucky…


It was announced this week that R&B superstar BRANDY will be hitting the BROADWAY stage this summer for a limited run engagement in the popular musical CHICAGO. She’ll take over the role of ROXIE HART, which was made famous in the hit, OSCAR WINNING FILM of the same name by RENEE ZELLWEGER. Good luck BRANDY with that grueling 8 show a week schedule. And good luck with being able to sing those notes without take after take in the studio. NO SHADE, NO TEA, JUST TRUTHS…


A FLORIDA MAN got the surprise of his life when the hulking dread head body guard of LITTLE WAYNE came into the crowd and knocked him the hell out! TMZ obtained a video last week of a conversation going down with LITTLE WAYNE and his unnamed body guard and then moments later the body guard is seen going down into the crowd and basically SOCKING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS GUY. Apparently the guy had a scrolling message on his I-PHONE that was on display that said “F*** LITTLE WAYNE”. Well he must have regretted this action because moments later he woke up bloodied, and called 911 to report the incident. Trust and believe he is about to get some money from this shit.  But wait a minute, WEEZY we are going around delegating ass whoppings to people who oppose the fact that you were running three hours late to a show? Wow. Money does corrupt all equally.


Rap Mogul JAY-Z has launched his new music streaming service called TIDAL. As we discussed on this blog a few weeks ago, he bought up a SWEDISH COMPANY to start this program that is poised to make millions in revenue for the mogul. Top artists like USHER, BEYONCÉ, TAYLOR SWIFT and MADONNA have given their whole catalogues to the service that will rival SPOTIFY and PANDORA and is set to take the number one position. The service will be $19.95 a month. JAY-Z has many other artists lined up to join the service, but many critics are still trying to see how artist will make a substantial amount of money which has been laid out with other such streaming services. It’s always something. JAY do your thing. You are making your daughter and “SON” very wealthy and you are what is considered the AMERICAN DREAM.

[Street News] Eddie Winslow gets arrested! + Which milestone did Justin Timberlake hit?

Lot’s of stuff to cover this week….Let’s get to it!!!



THE NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS in the United Kingdom, that’s England y’all, has banned the white boys from “appropriating black female culture.” In simple terms, the white boys are no longer allowed to act like COOKIE LYONS, NE-NE LEAKS, KENYA MOORE, hell the whole REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA cast. This is done in an effort to curb racism and insensitiveness to a culture that the white male gay guys have started to emulate…I for one can’t wait until this law crosses the POND (The OCEAN). But if we can be honest, the black girls are essentially just acting like the gay men who do their hair and makeup…#NOSHADE #JUSTTROOF…


Have you ever wanted to wear an outfit, have a blanket, or curtains with the MCDONALD’s BIG MAC printed on them? Yeah, me neither, but it seems McDonald’s Corp is giving it to the world anyway. With news that they would stop making the iconic sandwich earlier this year, comes word that fans can wear the sandwich on their persons or decorate with it. Well, I don’t know who will be buying this ‘ish, but I can’t wait to have my phone handy to take a picture of this tacky mess.


An Anaheim waitress working at a local Mexican restaurant got the surprise of her life when she noticed her table didn’t pay for their food. Instead of calling the cops, she ran out after the criminal customers and chased them to their car. In turn they ran her over, leaving her with minor injuries. Damn was the service that bad? Was the food that bad? Is the economy that bad? Pay your bills people and please remember to tip your server!!!



LIL’ TWIST, Justin Beiber’s lover, sorry best friend, is in some big trouble. He apparently broke into KYLE MASSEY’S APARTMENT, you know Raven’s brother on THAT SO RAVEN. It was apparently in retaliation for being kicked out the apartment after partying there. So he broke into the apartment, stole some stuff, and then beat up KYLE’S older brother. Are we serious right now? Now he has 6 felony charges against him including making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.  Child is trying to get street cred. Well, he’ll definitely have that. If convicted he will get up to 20 years in jail.


Every white girl, tween girl and teenage girl nearly lost their damn mind when ZAYN MALIK, one of the members of ONE DIRECTION, officially quit the group this week. There was outrage that he had quit because of his girlfriend who was occupying his time. Fans threatened to kill themselves, the girlfriend and others if he didn’t come back to the group. This boy later broke his silence and said he didn’t like the pop-laden group’s sound and wanted to do more hip-hop. Little girls remember there is another pop sensation right around the corner to get all hot and bothered over…


TGIF heartthrob and ex of KARYN STEFFINS, DARIUS MCRARY, you know EDDIE WINSLOW on FAMILY MATTERS, has been arrested for allegedly not paying child support. He owed 5,000 dollars in back child support and the judge gave him the option of either paying it or going to jail for 14 days. He chose to pay it. You created the child, you should take care of it! #BLOOP!!!


JAY-Z has been hit with a paternity suit by his alleged child Rymir Satterwaithe. Apparently his mother and JAY had an affair back in the 90s and BLUE IVY’S big brother is 21 years of age. They aren’t trying to get child support, but punitive damages done by JAY not being there for his child. They are also trying to get money for lawyer fees that have accumulated because of the case going forward. Damn BLUE IVY is like her mama. She got brothers she didn’t know she had. As you recall Matthew Knowles, BEYONCE’s father, had two outside children with strippers…WOW. Oh, oh, ohh, no, no no!!! IN Beyonce’s famous words.


ARIANA MIYAMOTO, The MISS UNIVERSE contestant from JAPAN, is getting backlash because she doesn’t look full JAPANESE, that’s because she’s half black and Japanese. Though she has an African-American father, she was raised in Japan with her mother and speaks the language and has citizenship. Many are criticizing her look, but the contestant said that she may not look Japanese on the outside but she’s plenty of Japanese on the inside. Well, she told you. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.


It was 15 years ago last week that NSYNC’s best selling NO STRINGS ATTACHED CD was rising on the charts. As the starting platform for superstar JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, the group was the rival group to best-selling BACKSTREET BOYS. Though the BSB were more pop, Nsync leaned more towards the R&B edge with songs like GONE, BYE-BYE-BYE, and I THOUGHT YOU KNEW. It should have been writing on the wall that Justin would have gone on to be the white USHER and making girls scream for years to come. Congrats boys on your success.

3. TV ‘ISH


FOX has announced that it will bring back its popular show X-FILES for a limited run series in the Fall. The 13 episode series will be a reunion special of sorts as original stars DAVID DUCHOVNY and GILLIAN ANDERSON will return for the limited run series and SCI-FAN NERDS, sorry, FANS will rejoice.

In other 90s shows making their comeback, CRAIG T. NELSON, who just finished his run on PARENTHOOD, is back at NBC for a limited run series as well of his iconic 90s show COACH, which ran on the network from 1989 til 1997. It was favorite for many who tuned into to see a college coach and his staff and their hijinks. Everything is new again. Or as the millennials call it, RETRO…


It never fails, when you are blowing up people come out the wood works to try and bring you down. EMPIRE DISTRIBUTION, INC. based in San Francisco is suing FOX for the use of the name of their very popular primetime soap EMPIRE, who shares their name. They are asking for 7 MILLION dollars for them to use their name, or they will have to cease using it. FOX claims there is no brevity to the claim and that they are just after money. This sounds just as juicy as the show.



MO’NE DAVIS, last summer’s little league pitching phenome, has released a new book about her life. There was announcement that there would be a biopic brought to us by DISNEY. She’s everywhere, even so much so that a collegiate athlete, who shall remain nameless, said some derogatory things about her on his TWITTER page and was promptly kicked off the team. In what was a surprising move, Miss Mo’Ne called for the boy not to be taken off the team or expelled. But the school in turn said that he would stand as an example of what could happen if you get out of pocket. She really showed maturity. Congrats Miss Davis. You are turning into one fine human being, not that you weren’t to begin with .

X2 – X3= 1COS2…WHAT?

JOHN URCHEL linebacker for the BALTIMORE RAVENS has published a math theory in a popular math journal. Though this is no new feat for the NFL player who maintained a 4.0 in undergrad and is an avid chess player, says that he will remain in the league until he cannot play any longer, citing that he loves the game and it is his passion. He bashes all stereotypes and shows that athletes can be smart and good at sports.


Senator TED CRUZ from TEXAS is the first to announce that he will run for PRESIDENT in 2016. Funny cause no one really knew who he was, and many went to THE GOOGLE to find out who he was. They were sent to the WIKIPEDIA PAGE and found that the conservative senator was born in…CANADA.  But he has a parent that was born here. Now where is the controversy about her parentage, seeing as though the REPUBLICANS went ape shit over PRESIDENT OBAMAs birth place and parentage.  Mr. CRUZ you are just one of many who will try their best to become the next President of the United States. Good luck. You will need it.


GERMANWINGS flight crashed into the FRENCH ALPS this week and all 150 passengers are dead.  What makes the news even sadder is that the plane was crashed on purpose. Reports surfaced at the end of the week that Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz, 27, locked the other pilot out of the cockpit and downed the plane at 3,000 feet per minute, as he ascending the full plane into the ALPS. There is no word as to why the pilot would take his life with the full plane, but it is indeed sad that someone would end others’ lives because he didn’t want to live his anymore. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week as we launch our new format and website and we come to you more consistently and keep you coming back for more. Thanks for going with us on this journey and God bless!!!

-V.A. Patrick Slade


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