[Street News] We Can’t Breathe, Mariah Can’t Sing and King Bey is Slaying, Again!



Sad news this week as REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA star Kandi Burruss-Tucker’s husband Todd Tucker’s mom died of an apparent stroke this week in New York. Miss Sharon, who appeared on their wedding special earlier this year died suddenly. She was feisty and a strong influence on the show and we can gather she was the same in Todd’s life for that matter. The Tucker family is in our prayers as they go through their tough time.

In other unhappy news, Kelly Rowland, of DESTINY’S CHILD fame, has lost her mother. 66 year old Doris Rowland Garrison lost her life to unknown illness earlier this week.  What makes the news even more sad is the fact that the songstress had just started a family of her very own, getting married earlier this year, and having her son TITAN on November 5th.  Our prayers go out to the Rowland family in their time of grief.


Geeks and Super Geeks alike hit the roof last week when the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer was released. Were they made at the lack of info being made public? Were the mad at the graphics? Were they made at the shape of the light saber (Well yes, they were!)? But what their main cause of disappointment were the amount of “black people” in the trailer. Some even stated that in the far-far-far future that “Blacks” wouldn’t be a part of the society…RUDE…This incensed outrage’s genesis came from the opening seconds and the vision of a black man as STORM TROOPER costume who is off to tell of his conquest. This made the GEEKS go crazy. To this I say, there is plenty of room for all of us in the world, even in the made up universe of GEORGE LUCAS and his multiple dimensions of characters.  Don’t worry about the skin color of the characters, hell many of them are purple, green, and Blue, worry about the story and we hope that we don’t get  a horrid retelling of sorry stories as we did with EPISODES 1-3.

In other science fiction news, Tyler Perry’s girlfriend gave birth to his son Aman…BLOOOP!!!!


Mariah Carey took the stage Wednesday night’s ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY to do her now famous ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, which has become a Christmas staple since its release over twenty years ago. And the diva who originated the song thought it her right and privilege to sing her song on the televised program. But the DIVA didn’t come prepared. After missing a rehearsal or a few, as we could tell, the DIVA thought it wise to sing the song LIVE. Ain’t nothing wrong with a recorded track or cancelling the event all together if you’re not prepared, but the DIVA decided to go forth, tight red velvet dress and all, and tried her best to belt out the Christmas classic.  What resulted is an EPIC FAIL. The songstress barely hit any of the notes; she was pitchy and girlfriend was more stilted than she has ever been. I get when having children, the elements or dealing with a divorce, any and everything can throw off a performance, but Miss Carey you are the penultimate and who little divas like Arianna Grande look up to, so, please DIVA get it together for the next time you perform because we want you to succeed.


Who knew Dolly Parton was the most GRAMMY NOMINATED artist of all time? I didn’t until her record was busted by the current reigning blond bombshell Miss YONCE, SASHA FIERCE, BEYONCÉ Knowles herself. She garnered many nominations including Album of the year for her self-titled LP BEYONCÉ.  Right behind her in the nominees were Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, and Pharrell who all are going for gold during the telecast in early 2015. The most awards ever won in one night was Michael Jackson, with 12. Let’s see if Queen B can tie or even break this record as she hopefully will saunter down the aisle on the telecast.


New York and the nation let out a collective breath of disappointment as the officer who allegedly put Eric Garner in a choke hold would not get an indictment for said act.  The grand jury found that the officer didn’t do anything wrong, even though clearly the Medical Examiner said that Mr. Garner was indeed a victim of homicide.  What’s even more disparaging is that the NYPD tried to paint Mr. Garner as a petty criminal who was always up to no good. And the NYPD was even more disappointed that their mayor di Blasio didn’t come out in support of them, but the lives of “black lives”, which his bi racial son is a part of. With a pledge budget from President Obama to outfit police officer’s with body cameras and the NYC di Blasio mayor calling for re-training of the thousands officers in the area. These are just the first steps in a direction that they hope will change the perception of law enforcement around the country. If this case and the Mike Brown case has taught us anything as a country is that we are to be ever vigilant and always aware of the world and what’s around us. It has also taught us that there are always bad seeds even in the best of situations. Let’s not cast the proverbial hyperbolic blanket of “always” “all” and “they” and look at situations individually. We all are here to co-exist with each other. We may not like it, and we may not ever accept it, but it’s the truth and we can’t escape it. I’m glad we have a focus and a glue that will hold us together, but once this too passes, what will keep our focus and keep us going: HUMANITY. We all have the same blood color for a reason. At the core race, religion, sex or status means nothing. We are all born the same way. We all are going to die the same way ALONE.

That’s it for this week. Keep yourselves safe and think happy thoughts. It’s a marathon, this thing called life. Not a sprint.

V.A. Patrick Slade

[MUSIC] @Vote4Logan introduces album #FeedYourCity, You’re Welcome..

Los Angeles rapper Logan4Pre$ident released his awaited debut album for free download at feedyourcity.com.

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With a message to the people to “stay on yo’ sh*t” this new age album is everything this city and season needed. Something we can all get a boost from. This 10 track album features hits such as “HYB” (Handle yo’ Business) and “50 Told Me” this album will not disappoint.

Charades: Sounds like, Drake, two words, Kanye Flow; Wayne raps; and Dom Kennedy mixed with a Cali breeze. All over a new sound yet something refreshingly easy to listen to and mellow out with while staying, ready to take over the world. Hybrid strand of music? lol. You’ll see, take a listen for yourself. Something great to listen to a few days before J. Cole comes out, let’s see if Cole can do better.. HA!

Watch #TMD previously featured on Revolt here. The newness has arrived.

[Street News] The Obama’s are frowned upon during Thanksgiving and Ray Rice is back?! Plus, Justice for Mike Brown


Despite an injury, Alfonso Ribeiro, from Fresh Prince of Bel Air Fame won this year’s DANCING WITH THE STARS. Stevie Wonder could have seen this one from a mile away. He was the only one that was bringing anything to the table, in my opinion. And when he trotted out his famous “CARLTON,” he all but solidified himself as the front runner, therefore winner, of the latest show that showcases the “talent” of B-C-D-E-AND-IRRELEVANT CELEBRITIES alike.  But if history has proven anything, these celebrities become relevant again and their careers are re-launched. So, good luck Alfonso.


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.26.35 PM

Karrueche Tran had the internet abuzz this week with a cryptic tweet on her account that read: “Looks like I’m a Single Lady Again.” Everyone either rejoiced or fixed their mouths to say, “I told you so”. When stories of a groupie with alleged pictures of Chris Brown in her bed post coitus surfaced, everyone put two and two together and assumed Ms. Tran had had enough of the bad boy of R&B and POP.  She later explained the tweet stating she is going to be featured on the newest season of SINGLE LADIES, which will make its move to BET’s CENTRIC, after being pulled from VH1. Good luck on your new gig, but damn girl, a simple press release would have sufficed. You know your relationship is already being looked at side-eyed by everyone in in the world…just waiting for it to fail. Don’t give them ammo!


Janay Rice isn’t the only one that got off the ground this week, as Ray Rice won his appeal and now is eligible to play in the NFL again.  Through an appeal, coupled with counseling and pleading with the brass of the NFL, Rice is able to assume his role as a professional player in the league. What happens between a wife and a husband is their business. And I can say what I want about spousal abuse or any type of abuse being wrong, but if his wife chooses to stay, that’s her business. I’m glad that he doesn’t have to lose what he worked so hard for because of something that happened in his personal life, but on the other hand, if this happens again, especially in such a public matter, Mr. Rice should not only lose his career, but his freedom as well and be put in jail and the key must be thrown away. And if patterns remain true, it may happen sooner than later…


President Obama is pardoning more than the traditional turkey this year, as the white house is dealing with another “TURKEY” of controversy. A Republican Congressman’s Communications Director posted a very pointed and unsolicited write up on her Facebook about the first daughters Malia and Sasha and their lack of poise, grace and enthusiasm at the annual ceremony where the president bestows freedom to turkeys that will never be killed for the annual feast. It is part silly ceremonial vestige and one part media fluff, and I’m surprised that the President can be so regal and serious when doing the ceremony. But he handles his duties, light or heavy with professionalism. But Ms. Elizabeth Lauten, the Communications Director in question, even went in on the President and his Wife First Lady Michelle Obama being horrible examples for their daughters. She took it too far even criticizing their dresses, and had the nerve to retract her statement and closed her once PUBLIC account on Facebook and made it PRIVATE. Well, to this, I say have SEVERAL SEATS Ms. Elizabeth Lauten, they are teenagers, and it wasn’t like their father was talking about ISIS or something IMPORTANT. I MEAN, REALLY?!!!


It took one hundred days for a Grand Jury NOT TO indict Officer Darren Wilson, the white officer who killed an unarmed 18 year old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th 2014.  Anyone could have seen this coming a mile away, as they were taking as long as they were (THE GRAND JURY) to figure out if they were going to send this case to trial or not. When the news came down, citizens of the town went crazy and started rioting, destroying businesses and property, which most of them were black owned (FAIL!!!). Officer Wilson resigned affective this week, and the mayor just released a statement stating that Officer Wilson would not be receiving any benefits or a severance package after his resignation, which means the vilified officer will not be benefiting from his decision to shoot to kill the unarmed black teen and then resign.  As the nation starts to get over the decision and move onto something more appealing in the media and online, please remember that this was a young man’s life that was cut short. Anything brilliant, amazing, or purposed will not be fulfilled. But we also must realize that we weren’t there that day and we don’t know what happened, just the outcome, so, let’s take this as a lesson. Let’s take a stand and teach our kids, especially our black boys, respect for themselves, the community and authority, because this is the first step to ending the tragedies in Ferguson, Florida (Trayvon Martin), Cleveland (Tamir Rice) and all around this country where crimes against black men specifically are getting out of hand.

That’s it for this week… Until next time.

-V.A. Patrick Slade


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