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[Street News] Top 5 Weekly Recap: Are Black athletes to heavy handed?

5.  Roman Gladiators, NO MORE…


First Ray Rice is released from the NFL after the brutal punching of his wife’s elevator video was released, now comes word that Viking star Adrian Peterson has been indicted on charges of child endangerment for spanking his child with a switch…which is my opinion, we all got our asses beat with one. But I digress. And let’s take this sports issue across the POND to South Africa where Oscar Pestorias has been found NOT GUILTY of killing kill model girlfriend, but still awaits sentencing for his Guilty culpable Homicide verdict, which essentially means manslaughter over here in the states. All and all, be on alert boys of the major leagues and women. Just play your sport and go home. Go home I tell you. There’s TMZ following you too… On the other side of the spectrum, Serena Williams clinched her third US OPEN title, making it her 18 title in hand. Werk GIRL!

4.  He’s gone to the great Hen House in The Sky…


Founder and CEO of Chik-fil-A has died. Truett Cathy was 93 years of age. He leaves behind a legacy of great chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, Polynesian sauce and being closed on Sunday. The wholesome restaurant was recently embattled in controversy a few years back with their avid support of ant-gay causes.  Regardless of their stance and religious affiliation, that is one damn good chicken sandwich and thanks Mr. Cathy for not only starting a successful Southern Businessa, but also opening it up to the rest of the world.

3. A right is a right, even if it’s Porn…


Those of my naughtier readers out there (myself included) noticed this week that their porn and “other” sites were running slower. Trust me I checked my bandwidth usage, modem and even reinstalled my browser, but what I didn’t realize is that many sites were participating in a protest against loss of net nuertrality, which in essence if the“ FCC allows cable giants like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon to create a two-tiered internet. With that would come “slow lanes” for most internet companies and “fast lanes” for corporations that are willing to pay extra for faster service. Which means that if it’s corporate based the company can have a faster speed and the personal pages, our favorite blogs (like this one) or even our porn pages will be relegated to the slow lane. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. I need my fast porn…blogs.

2. ISIS Oh ISIS why must you taunt us so.


President Obama has given the go-ahead for air strikes against Libya and the ISIS group that is controlling the region.  Obama has been criticized for such a step, but in a region that is being overrun, the President feels like this is the only solution. I say war is not the answer, but if it will save innocent people, by all means do what you must. Let’s just hope that this is quick and fast and that justice, civility and human kindness will prevail.   Let’s pray this is over before it starts.

1. 13 years, the memories still remain…


I was in my Journalism class in the Communications Trailer on my college campus of Georgia Southern University. When we turned on the television the second plane was hitting. We were shocked, mouths opened and quiet confused as to what was going on. As we later found out it was a Terrorist Attack and thousands were killed. Where were you when 9/11 hit? Never forget the fallen angels of New York City.

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[Street News] Mariah’s stressed out and Rihanna’s performing at the Superbowl?

Labor Day Weekend is over and yes, it’s back to reality and work. blah. In the meantime, enjoy your weekly recap, here we go! 



5. “Pay to Play”

If you are Maroon Five, Cold Play, Katy Perry or Rhianna, you would be too thrilled to be asked to perform the Half time show of the 2016 Super Bowl. But there’s one catch: a part of the proceeds from that payday and the subsequent concerts to follow will have to be donated back to the billion-dollar-a-year NFL. If this isn’t double dipping, I don’t know what is. Not only are they the biggest sporting event in the country, and the most watched, with ad revenues going for millions per seconds, they are still requiring more money from performers that are vying to play the half time show. Yes, there will be exposure. Yes, there will be money for days. Yes, the NFL is just greedy as hell.


4. “Splitsville USA?”

I have no idea what’s in the water, but our superstar music couples are going the way of the do-do bird. First rumors of Jay-Z and Beyoncé going their separate ways, now comes news that Nickelodeon’s mainstay and his chart topping, clothes too small, and voice too quiet wife, Mariah Carey are going their separate ways. This is such a shame. However, how will Mr. Carey umm, Mr. Cannon ever gain the traction needed to show his children that he wears the pants in that relationship. Many thought they wouldn’t have lasted as long as they had—one because of their huge age difference, and two because Mariah is rumored to be crazy, darling, but they seemed to be working it out. But with gag order in place, and an imminent divorce, we are going to see the DIVA of R&B and the host and creator of Wildin’ Out in a battle for years. Here’s hoping they will work it out. But if not, well, with Nick on the market and his ex-Christina Milian as well, this might just be a reunion in the works…they are at least in the same pay bracket, or are they…


3. “Is everyone now Anna Wintour?”

President Obama conducted a press conference last week. Though it’ topic was about world policy, many didn’t care about the topic he was speaking about, because press and the public alike where wondering why he was wearing a tan suit. It was a departure from his normal faire of grey and black suits, and it seemed, as many critics pointed out, tended to make him wash out too easily. Many were appalled that he was talking about such somber and serious topics wearing a suit befitting a cook out…or dress down Sundays at the local Baptist Church. All in all it was a change in pace, and in my opinion, he SHOULD NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!


2. “A wedding and a coma…”

News broke over the weekend that Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie were married in France. Details emerged with them going as far as to get a hushed wedding license and them flying the Justice of the Peace all the way to France to officiate the ceremony. Their cover story? They are filming a new movie where the characters get married…just in case anyone asked…And they are now able to live with their tribe of many nations happily ever after…But that NEWS was overshadowed by fame comedienne and style expert Joan Rivers suffering from cardiac arrest after a routine procedure done at her doctor’s outpatient office. We are praying for the recovery of Miss Rivers and wishing her a speedy recovery so she can talk about how she trumped Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding announcement in the news


1. “YES, YES, YES…I’ll have what she’s having please….”

The State of California Legislature has drafted a “Yes means yes” policy when dealing with sexual assault on college campuses and throughout the state. This means that if you want that na-na, each partner girl and or boy or boy or girl, or whatever whoever, whenever is doing whatever to whomever, anyway…I digress, they have to say “YES” to consenting the act of sex with the person they are having sex with. Though it is implied that it has to be verbal, the amendment just requires that the person in said act has to be conscious to be able to consent to the sexual act which could be done by a smile, a blink, a wink, a kiss, a handshake, or any other non-verbal cues. So that means no more liquor, drug and sleep induced sex or your ass could be going to jail. Take heed. Sex is a weapon and if you don’t use it properly, you could lose your privilege to consensual sex once in prison.


[OOTD] A Summer Night Out

I recently checked out All Def Digitals comedy show “All Def Comedy Live” at Inside Jokes by Russell Simmons, hosted by the hilarious Tony Rock, this past wednesday. It was nothing but laughs from local and out of town comedians of all levels, with one thing in common, to make people laugh!

Hosted by Ms. Diddy (The Brand Group LA) along with ADD, the show is guaranteed to be star studded and full of familiar faces. You’re bound to run into someone you know! ;)

Thanks to Mrs. Khalifa! :)

For a night out on the town you want to be comfortable, respectable, and cute. You never know who you’re going to run into! So for that, Kloset Karma Boutique was the way to go.


Outfit Details: 

Top: Teal button up quarter sleeve blouse – Kloset Karma

Bottoms: Tan riding shorts – Kloset Karma

Shoes: Tan zip up peep toe heel – ALDO

Bag: Purple shoulder bag – Michael Kors

Lipstick: Heroine lipstick w/ Magenta Lipliner – MAC



[RECIPE] Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/ Veggie Fried Rice

For a Far East inspired lunch or dinner I took a trip to a Japanese market where I absolutely fell in love! All the fresh rare fish, exotic veggies, and poultry you could find. So I got creative and this is what I made.

Ingredients: serves 2-4

Lettuce wraps:
1 chicken breast
1 can of sliced water chestnuts
1bundle of raw green onions
1 head of romaine lettuce
Sauces: ginger teriyaki marinade, Thai peanut sauce

3 cups of white rice
1 cup peas
1 cup diced carrots
2 raw eggs
1tbsp Olive oil
1tbsp butter
Sauces: soy sauce, sweet chili pepper sauce.


Lettuce wrap directions:

1. Slice water chestnuts and green onions (chives) very fine. IMG_0009.JPG



2. Brown chicken with garlic salt and black pepper (optional) cooking the breast medium well. WARNING do not eat raw chicken, it’s not finished being cooked until step 4!


3. Remove chicken breast and chop into small pieces. Reminder. Do NOT eat (yet).

4. Place all ingredients and sauces in pan. Stir together for 5min on a low simmer. All done! (Now you can eat the chicken)

Veggie Fried Rice directions:

1. Boil rice alone in a pot with double the amount of water in cups. (3:6)

2. Brown chives with Olive oil on medium heat in a large frying pan/ skillet for 2 minutes then place your peas, carrots, (add bean sprouts or any other vegetable) and butter.

2. Add in cooked white rice to the vegetable stir fry.

3. Add soy sauce while constantly stirring

4. Add in both eggs, raw. Try not to drop too much yolk. Preferably egg whites.

5. Mix fried rice until egg is cooked (turns white).



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