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[VIDEO] Chris Brown Surprises Hipsters with A Warhol Pop-Art Tribute!

Following the announcement of the “Between The Sheets Tour” (featuring Tyga and Trey Songz) Chris Brown set to the streets of L.A., for what seemed to be an art tour. Most commonly known for his rapper/ actor/ singer/ dancer and now artist career, Brown surprised the hipsters of Los Angeles with “The Lost Warhol’s” at the Lurie Art Gallery On La Cienega Blvd. Showcasing what seems to be his new love (sorry Karreuche): spray paint. The gallery was set up with Andy Warhol paintings remastered and remixed, showing the room just how talented this man is growing up to be.

Also exhibiting her work was Karen Bystedt, (pictured above) the artist and photographer behind the original Warhol pieces. A collaboration both art connoisseurs and millennials can both share in common. The night was full of fun and creativity dont believe me? Check out this compilation video for a glimpse of how a pop-star contributed to pop-art in “Andy Goes $treet”.



[Street News] Nazis, Nudes and Disappointing Biopics with Hilarious Memes.



Andrew Caldwell became an internet sensation this week when a video of himself at a Church in God in Christ Conference made the rounds of him declaring that he was no longer a homosexual and that he would only date “WOMENS!” Mr. Caldwell says that this video was shot months ago and is just now surfacing. Though there are holes in his story, we can be rest assured that he won’t be “carrying a purse,” or “wearing makeup.” Though he is suing TWITTER for 50 million, yes that’s real money, for the bullying that took place once the video was released. Hmm…no comment I don’t want to be sued.


A young man was simply minding his business on the subway this week in New York, when he was attacked verbally and physically by a young woman, who he plead with to leave him alone. When she hit him, he brought his own brand of whoop ass to the train and knocked the dog piss out of her. They both were charged with aggravated assault, but his charges were dropped amid realizations that he was defending himself. He is now suing the city for his time in jail and trying to convince us that that FUBU jacket he was wearing is still in style.


Hall of Fame’r Jose Canseco was cleaning his gun a few weeks ago and shot his hand accidentally.  Less than two weeks later the former baseball player was playing poker and his finger fell off during the match. Hell, he put a new meaning to being taken for everything…even your fingers…damn…


Rapper Nikki Minaj had to clean up a PR nightmare this week after allegations of her newest video for her song “ONLY” looked as though it was inspired by NAZI symbolism.  When questioned, NIKKI apologized profusely, but also blamed her director for the vision of the lyric video. When interviewed, the director said he was inspired by the works of Leni Riefenstahl who created the Nazi war propaganda films, but this was not a statement on “Nazism” but that of the media controlling the nation and the same oppressive things still being alive today. This sounds like a whole lot of B.S. and nodding to the fact that there is nothing new under the sun and that everyone is trying to get arise out of everyone and keep their name relevant.


Speaking of relevance…In the mix tape “Shady CXVPHER” featuring Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf, Eminem basically says he will punch singer Lana Del Rey in the face like Ray Rice did his wife.  In business that’s not even hers, Banks responded on Twitter saying that he should go back to the trailer park where he belongs. First off and not defend what he said but, Eminem is known for being offensive and having inflammatory lyrics and secondly who asked you Miss Banks? First let’s work on your presence in the hip-hop world and stop making your name on the back of Iggy, Perez Hilton and anyone else you can beef with to get your name out there. #BLOOP.


I know she’s been dead for a decade or so, but Lifetime and Wendy Williams Productions it was too soon to be doing a movie about the late singer, and doing it on the cable network was a simple slap to the face of her family and her fans who still very much so mourn her loss.  Many people on social network have been dogging the movie that premiered on Saturday for the lack of authenticity—mainly the “characters” had no resemblance to themselves, her sound being off, and the events and songs not matching up—and the fact that it looked so cheap. I think our PRINCESS OF R&B deserved better…IMHO!


Even with the influx of the “star” power of Bow-Wow, sorry CHAD MOSS, 106 & PARK is limping off the air December 19, 2014. It will still be available in digital format for those who really care to see them introduce videos poorly and dumb down the black youth of America even more. In my case, the show hasn’t been the same since Free & A.J. were hosting. Well those were the good ol’ days. Long live a piece of my youth and what once was the iconic show Michelle from Destiny’s Child fell off the stage on.


Kim Kardashian once again posed naked. This time it was in a black dress/garb/trashbag of a thing on the cover of PAPER MAGAZINE with the title: “BREAK THE INTERNET”. 16 million views later, and Mrs. West broke records for something that the world already saw and the reasoning why the clan is seen everywhere in the world. Not hating, which I usually do on the family of SLORES, but Mrs. West has a daughter to think of now. Many argue that PAMELA ANDERSON is in the same lane, but honestly Ms. Anderson had class and couth about hers. She realized the commodity factor of her nudity and didn’t exploit it in a cheap way.

What saddens me even more deeply is the history behind the shot which was borrowed heavily from French photographer Jean Paul Goude. He originally did this shot in the 70s with fame model and personality GRACE JONES. He was obsessed with black women and their bodies, mainly their posteriors or their asses, as they are known. This obsession goes back even further to the FREAK SHOW days, not just the show on FX, but back to the real freak show days when Hottentot, or a big assed black woman whose gluteus Maximus was exaggerated by nature and was poked and prodded by those who hadn’t seen a butt as big as her and was put on display egregiously.

Mrs. West, Kardashian or whatever you’re being called nowadays, please take the ending of your fifteen minutes with grace. Don’t go screaming into the night. We all know you have no discernable talent except for a great porn video and a curvaceous body. But at least give us the illusion that there is more to you than that. You and your family have saturated the media and the world with your antics for far far too long. You have your money. DO US A FAVOR AND JUST BOW OUT GRACEFULLY…

That’s all for this week…This has been a full wang kind of week.

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—V.A. Patrick Slade

“Sporty Spice” – How to Be Sexy Around The Guys! #MNF

This Monday Night Football goes to the Carolina Panthers at Eagles!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.57.27 PM

As a girl who loves sports and hanging around with the fellas, this post is here to help the ladies find their sexy while still keeping it cool and sporty by styling your jersey exactly to fit your personality. Lets take a look at mine.

Untitled presentation (19)

  • Jersey: Womens’ fitted Cam Newton special edition. 
  • Shoes: Nike Jordan Aqua 8′s
  • Jacket: Leather H&M Motorcycle Jacket 
  • Lipstick: MAC & Lourde collab (limited edition) in “Pure Heroine”
  • Shorts: Levi distressed black jean cutoff’s
  • Socks: American Apparel stripe thigh high socks in black/ white

To go along with this seasons mixed weather I paired short short’s with thigh high socks, comfortable shoes and the option of a leather jacket for warmth or for the cool of it. If you know me, you know I LOVE lipstick so, to suit me, I chose a purple vampy color to sustain the dark look and compliment the purple in the shoes. Plus, purple just goes great with Carolina blue.

To find your perfect NFL jersey for any game day visit and make sure to share your game day pictures with us @wordonthe_st!

[Street News]: Chris Brown and Young Berg got 99 Problems while Beyonce has none.


Actress and acting coach Tasha Smith from Tyler Perry’s movies, television shows, et all has been ordered to stay 100 feet from her husband Keith and 2 feet from him while in the house together, REALLY JUDGE…All this was done because the actress has allegedly been getting drunk as skunk and threatening the poor stay at home husband’s life and even doing it in front of his kids…DAAAAMNNN, maybe the scenes between her and Michael Jai White are based in reality. Here’s hoping this all get resolved, or I see another Tyler Perry movie/play in the works…WHY DID TASHA SMITH GO TO JAIL…YASSS…


Rapper Young Berg has been making news this week for not one but two reasons.  The first was because he allegedly beat his girlfriend Masika to the point of being unrecognizable over a credit card being declined while on a date. Love and Hip Hop L.A.’s producers took swift action and gave the not oft seen rapper the boot and his girlfriend as well have been fired from the show. Now how will he pay that credit card bill that lead to the card being declined if he doesn’t have a job? God knows he hasn’t had a hit in years. A hot hit-maker ass mess.


No more streaming on Pandora, Spotify or the like for Taylor Swift fans, as the young songstress pulled her whole catalogue from the streaming service last week. She said this was in an effort to bolster album sells of her new album 1989, and in an unprecedented moved, she’s setting the precedence for other artists who don’t want to have their music streamed. So, get ready to buy your music now. No more “Thumbs Up” and creating lists to listen to while at the gym, driving your car or ignoring your girlfriend, you’ll just have to buy the newest music of your choice.


Much beguiled former singer, according to many sources, Chris Brown is making waves again on social media with a new feud with THE REAL’s Tamar Braxton and Adrianne Bailon. After making comments about the singer’s relationship with his girlfriend Karruchee Tran, Chris Brown took to Instagram and called Adrian and Tamar everything but a child of God. The singer didn’t take kindly to being discussed as an example and promptly let them new in the most bitchtastic rant in years. He later pulled the comments and the video, but not before Tamar and Adrianne popped back with their own video calling Chris Brown out and letting him know that he’s hating is only making them greater…Sounds fun ladies…Now let’s be nice to each other. There is enough room for everyone.


Beyoncé announced early this week that she would be releasing two new tracks on a rerelease of her self-titled album. Mrs. Carter is so busy with those two tracks and trying to make it seem like she’s still happily married, it’s no wonder she looked faded at a NET’S game or was that just the mind control from SATAN showing off?

In other Carters’ news, husband Jay-Z purchased ACE OF SPADE, luxury champagne. He’s taking his dominance over the world of entertainment by having a successful rap career, artist management, sports management and now luxury beverage owner.  That billion dollars on the elevator is about to get a little bit bigger.


After Eric Holder resigned as the Attorney General last month, rumors and speculation had been running rampant as to who would replace the first African-American A.G. News came down this week that North Carolina native and black woman Loretta Lynch will be taking over the position. Here’s hoping she can keep the controversy at bay, and A++++ for President Obama for looking towards another minority, this time a woman of color, to fill such an influential position. He’s going to need all the luck he can get with all the newly Republican controlled Senate blocking his every move.

That’s it for this week…Check back next week for all the latest news that’s taking the world by storm…