[LIST] Top 13 Moments of 2013: Who Stole The Show!

Between the Royal Prince William having his first baby, to gay marriage being legalized, the passing of World Leader Nelson Mandela, the shaking of chicken cutlets by Miley Cyrus, SNL having no black women casted and our faved Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker passing, 2013 may have been rough for all of us, but who really had the biggest year in pop-culture?? Here’s a quick list of the 13 moments that fell short of popular representation, good or bad. Brace yourself. Ok, not so tight.



Mante Teo: “Oh shit! What’s my girlfriends name again??” Thanks for the laughs bro.b04_55748869

“The Town’s” heroes who rescued and comforted people during the Boston Marathon bombing: We love you.52-IMG_9908_SF-Bat-Kid_11_15_13_STM

To Bat Kid. The coolest kid ever! Thank you S.F. and Make A Wish Foundation! You really outdid yourselves!tumblr_mu23tkxajq1qzclrjo1_500


Not necessarily a stride towards humanity but who doesn’t wanna see Captain Hook Rihanna making it clap??

Speaking of Spicy! Californians: Stock up on Sirracha! It will be banned soon due to factory fire explosion!FBSUSPECT

Talk about exploding! Can we say loco in the cabeza? Dorner kills police officers for “justice”.usa-american-football-crime

Aaron Hernandez: “But Michael Vick killed dogs!” Flag on the play. Yo! you murdered your girlfriend!

Not all football is bad, We’re giving Lil Terio a spot on the list, touchdowns haven’t been the same since. “Ooh Kill Em!” (just not your girlfriend).Trayvon Martin Hoodie

Speaking of young black kids, can we NOT forget about Trayvon Martin?!

Are we happy that Obamacare is in effect? Democratic party votes: “Turn Down For What!!?”

Kanye be like: “You don’t have the answers Sway!! but America, I’m a good guy, I swear!”

But not everyone from Chicago is good at second chances… :(beyonce-any-questions

Lastly and most recently the Queen continues to break records, ha “Any Questions”?!

And that wraps our 2013 in a nutshell. If we missed anything or body let us know by leaving a comment! Don’t be shy the year isn’t over yet!