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The Serving Spoon: Breakfast Sanctuary!

In 1982 an Ohio innovator named Harold moved out to Inglewood, CA to start his dream of owning and placing a restaurant in the Los Angeles community. Having raving reviews of the home-style delicious breakfast menu, the now established Serving Spoon has never let the community down, making every spoonful a blissful moment, or as they say: Love at first bite.

Years later Harold retired in 2004 leaving the restaurant to his daughter Angela and son in law Jerry.

“We usually make all of our business decisions together but this decision was made all by my husband. I had been working here since I was 16, so my interest wasn’t as strong as my husbands to purchase and take it over but looking back now, I wouldn’t change it for the world”.


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Summer Anthems for Hip-Hop

Awgim Management presents:

G-EA$E introductory album:


Welcoming a refreshing sound to the L.A. music scene, G-Ea$e comes full fledge with his debut album “Blvd. Nights”. Geremy Eason is a California native. Growing up on 116th and Crenshaw he stayed out of trouble:


“Not everyone had to gangbang to survive, I didn’t; I had homies who were on, I grew up in the hood but I didn’t follow, I’m still alive”. 

Raised by his mother he focused on the well being of his family and found his niche within the low rider car culture scene.


“I want to show people that there are different sides to Los Angeles still. I remember Crenshaw back in 1998 as a youngin’ seeing everybody come together, getting along, just having fun enjoying the culture, I want to share that with the new generation and past. It’s not dead”.

Growing up with Hip-Hop at its finest, G-Ea$e listened to the greats and respected the hype of underground artists such as DJ Quick, Mack-10 and Suga Free. Combining the keen sounds of Los Angeles’ cruise music, he incorporated the car culture perfectly to introduce and release the masterpiece of a summer classic: “Blvd. Nights”.

Highlighted tracks featured on the mixtape include but are not limited to tracks such as his debut and self titled single “Blvd Nights”, a real west coast lifestyle car culture infused track that makes you want to cruise down the street with the top back. Not to deter you from the laid back tracks, there are fresh cuts such as “Deceitful feat. Bee”.


“When I wrote this song I was upset, disappointed, that sometimes you can never tell real friendships. People always changing, relationships always changing because people take what’s real for granted, so I wrote my thoughts on paper”.

With this track you can definitely feel the passion and everyone can relate to the message. It helps that on this track you have jam-packed emotion but it’s offset with a symphonic melody, smooth but harmonious background vocals provided by Bee to blend in with the jazzy mid-tempo horns. Collaborative excellence! Lastly the headliner track “She Wanna Ride” gives the people a run for their money but since this project is free, an eargasm to say the least. This song produces smirks and nonetheless a classic summer hit, a true development of the low rider classic bass hitter. Sounds making everyone want to go put switches on their whips, take a honey for a dip. It’s genius and no other sound right now is comparable.


“I want to impact the youth and go down in the low rider history books as the artist who brought it [low rider car culture] back to life”. 

Don’t forget to check out “Blvd. Nights” dropping at Noon March 28th, 2012.

Free and available for download just click:


Follow G-Ea$e on Twitter @StayBossin1 and the team, @StayBossinENT_ for press, news, shows, video premieres and updates! 


Interview and Article done by Sheridan Street ©March 2012