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Is That Delivery?!

So amongst my many talents (hehe) I LIVE for cooking! It’s something that fuels the mind and body with nutrients. Plus it’s fun as HECK! Well today class, were cooking:

Salmon Snow Crab Pesto Pizza!

Start off with:
1 Boboli Pizza Crust (original or wheat)
Large handful of Spinach
1/4 chopped red onion
1 bag of Kraft Mozzarella
1 bag of Kraft Italian Blend
7oz of Pesto Basil sauce
Teaspoon Garlic
Teaspoon Italian Herbs and/or Basil
Pinch Black Pepper
Teaspoon of Crushed Pepper
Your choice of meat (I chose crab and salmon. Beware that each meat cooking time is different)

Step 1: Pre-Heat oven to 415 degrees
Step 2: while oven is preheating cut meat into bite size pizza pieces
Step 3: spread pesto sauce, black pepper and crushed pepper on dry pizza crust
Step 4: add spinach and onion
Step 5: add full bag of mozzarella
Step 6: add meat spreading and mixing or your choice
Step 7: add 1/2 Italian blend bag of cheese to top for a double layer extra cheesy finish..
Step 8: let bake for 15 minutes or until meat is cooked to temperature
Step 9: let pizza sit still and cool outside of oven for 5-10min to avoid fluidity. **broil for added brownness on top**.

*Prep and cooling time run for a combined 30 min. move over Rachel Ray! ;]